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Welcome to the Italian cooking blog!

Here it is my blog about Italian cooking. Living in UK I’ve seen as British people loves the cooking of Italy, so I decided to create this blog.

In this blog you’ll learn to cook the recipes for the feast days and the everyday food.

Here you’ll find the photos and the recipes of the courses that I’ve done in the lunches and in the dinners for my friends. They are courses done in my kitchen, non in the restaurants where I worked, so you can be sure that if you follow my advices you’ll be able to cook them. All you need is already in your kitchen (…excluded the ingredients…).

We’ll treat every ingredients, from meat to fruits… in other words we’ll not only cook pasta and risotto…

I’m writing this blog in my free time so I don’t know when I’ll be able to insert all the recipes I’d want. But if you want to know how I do one recipe that isn’t in the blog, write it to me, I’ll be happy to publish the post as soon as possible.

Alike if you have some question about one of my recipes, write it to me and I’ll be happy to reply. My simple recipes and my fast recipes will win your love.

We’ll not talk about italian food only, this because I live and work in Scotland and I like to use my Italian way of cooking to try British recipes. This isn’t only a blog about traditional italian recipes.

Let’s start, buon appetito…!


Do you think that an Italian recipe is too difficult for you? Don't worry, ask me!